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That guy got reamed, kicked out, I don't know what the fuck happened to him.

But then Paul was just mad that, as a religion, we're not going to come out and say that we are for or against anything, which is a political matter.

You'll [hear] over and over where people ask somebody in the church to give their opinion and it's like, "We have no opinion in the world of politics.

We are a religion." So if you want to know about spirituality we will talk about that, but not on anyone's stance on the politics of that.

We could all interview the KKK about what's cool about being white, but we don't. I didn't really notice anything different in terms of my upbringing till I was in junior high school, maybe a little bit before that.

I grew up in New York and it was just sort of like, everyone hated their parents and was always cheating and lying, and I was able to just be friends with my parents. I noticed that any times I had trouble studying anything, there was really great literature on how to study, which made learning really easy for myself and my friends.

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So there's stuff like that, where it's just sort of like updates on what's happening in the world, but nothing really more than that. I feel like I got the better end of the deal on that one. You will not find a Scientologist who does not fucking hate psychiatrists.

But you know, it's just the study of the mind and cutting it into two parts: the analytical mind and the reactive mind. There's tons of kids I grew up with who were raised Scientologists who now don't do Scientology but are still totally cool with it, and then there's lots of people who're like, "Oh yeah, here, check out this book, it might help your life," and then all of the sudden they're like, boom, "Oh my God, I need this, I need this fuckin' all day long, I want to know all about this." It's a religious philosophy, so when I'm sitting there, studying about something, I'm oftentimes sitting next to guys from Nation of Islam and friends who are fully Jewish and other friends who are Catholic and Reverend Alfreddie Johnson, who's a Baptist minister. I've never been given a hard time my entire life about my belief system or my philosophy in life. If people start like asking questions in a way where I feel like they have an ulterior motive, I'm just like, "Dude, just go buy a fucking book and read it and decide for your fucking self what it means.

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