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Sitting on the grass with Toff in the park, they spy Charlie and Tiff sauntering along, clearly on their previously discussed lunch date.Together, they deduce that Tiff is only doing it to get back at Mimi which is like boldly stating that at night the sun vanishes.This kind of sentence is normally reserved for 16-year-old girls' unicorn-themed birthday parties, rather than hardcore raves in government-protected forests.Jamie is busy telling the boys (sorry, bois) that Sophie was all over him on their tutorial/date.To make matters worse, Mimi walks over with her clothing prepped for open-heart surgery.They have another argument which ends in Tiff storming off calling Mimi a slag which was obviously a throwaway comment caught on her microphone that needed to be dubbed back in during post production.By the way, have you heard she's opening a vegan restaurant?She hasn't really mentioned it yet so is sure to quietly slip it into conversation.

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It's clearly absolutely terrified but it's okay because Tiff is a vegan so won't be looking to slaughter it after the photo shoot.

Elsewhere, Mimi is with Charlie having a drink, insisting she is never leaving London again, presumably because she had issues at passport control re-entering the country and therefore really needs a husband to be able to stay until the Christmas special.

She asks him about how he went out with Tiff and Charlie spills a load of his Tom Collins down his Jack Wills.'I'm sure she's a really nice girl if you don't sleep with the girl that she's in love with,' Mimi says of Tiff, giving her the benefit of the doubt but lacing it with acid-tongued malevolence.

Louise explains that she has 'never tried to have sex with anyone in her life' and that 'they always just want to have sex with her'.

But this is all changing with Ryan, so it would seem, who would rather use her as a dead-weight.'Our future is doomed,' she says, as if she were a fairground soothsayer and Liv were her trainee gypsy.They toast this call to action by topping a stack of pancakes with a mass of whipped cream, which is probably gluten and dairy free because otherwise Proudlock will have to nip off for a quick burst on the treadmill.

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