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25-Aug-2017 02:05

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A scammer’s classic ploy is to lure their target away from the relative safety of the dating website.

David says: ‘We started emailing each other instead.

He told her he needed to buy himself out of the army and asked for thousands of pounds. It was only when her sister became suspicious that she got in contact with the American Embassy to check his credentials.

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Unfortunately, it was an accomplice at the end of the phone. He says: ‘I got into debt, but she said she would pay me back.’When Kerry said she could not get the flight to visit him without yet another payment to ‘immigration’, David finally sought advice and learnt he had been scammed. Devastated, he turned to Victim Support to help him get back on his feet emotionally, and to debt charity Step Change to sort out his debts.He says: ‘I was encouraged to take up a hobby and have been ballroom dancing several nights a week.