What is relative dating in archaeology

24-Sep-2017 00:06

Investigations of this concretion using handheld metal detectors and a magnetometer indicated it also contained significant quantities of metal throughout its mass.

Further excavation was halted at this point in order to photograph the concretion for the production of a spatially correct photomosaic of its upper surface. hammers, chisels and pneumatic chipping hammers ultimately yielded the bulk of the ordnance and munitions recovered from the entire wreck site.

However, a large concretion, measuring approximately 6m x 5m, located at the eastern end of gully ‘W’ required significantly more effort to break up and excavate.

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The site contained many rocks of boulder size between 25 kg and 1500 kg in weight.

These were known as a serpentine and one surviving example was found on the site.

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